Top Reasons Women Dump Men

Why Women Dump Men - Sad Eyes

In our last post, we reviewed the reasons a man might choose to jump ship on his relationship with a woman. Today, let’s look at it from the woman’s point of view.

Of course, I’m a man writing about women, so you may have different opinions about these reasons. I’m happy to entertain alternative viewpoints, or even debate the commentary below. Feel free to add a comment and let’s discuss!

Women Frequently Dump Men Because…

In the post about why men do the dumping, there were only a handful of reasons. Women, on the other hand, are more nuanced about their reasons. Any of the following areas could be at play. Continue reading “Top Reasons Women Dump Men”

Top Reasons Men Dump Women

Why Men Dump Women

Here at How To Get Back Your Ex, we will be analyzing a range of topics about breakups, relationships, and similar topics. Since the theme of this site is about getting back your ex, we thought the best place to kick off the blog content is about breakups, and specifically, getting dumped.

There can be countless possible reasons someone says they are dumping their significant other. And I’m sure that most of them are believable.

Surely you’ve seen it before. Stuff like:

  • It’s not you, it’s me.
  • I need to go find myself.
  • I just can’t be constricted by a relationship right now. I need to be free.
  • I can’t place a finger on it, but something’s just not right. (what a cop out!)
  • You have bigger and better things to do. I don’t want to be dragging you down.

You get the picture. All of these are excuses. Well crafted excuses perhaps, but excuses nonetheless.

While this applies to men and women equally, the true reasons for dumping someone differ between the two genders. Let’s start with the guys, and we’ll revisit this from the woman’s perspective on the next post. Continue reading “Top Reasons Men Dump Women”

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